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Passion with a Purpose

In January of 2017 JKJ launched our community service initiative “Passion with A Purpose”. As insurance and risk management professionals, our mission statement “Our Passion is your Protection” has become the guiding principle on how we serve our clients and protect their valued assets.

Passion with A Purpose is an extension of our mission statement. Our clients serve across business sectors and our employees become entrenched in our client’s organizations. The Passion with a Purpose initiative allows our employees to take paid time off from work to give back to our community, our client’s community or causes that they are passionate about.

In addition to our financial servitude, this program encourages time and support. Giving to others can improve and protect our mental and physical health in many ways. When we share our time and our talents, we can help solve problems, strengthen communities, connect with others and transform our own lives. The parameters of the program include partnering with co-workers and building service teams. An in-office bulletin board and social media campaigns will highlight our community involvement to inspire others to get involved in ways they may not have imagined.