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Global Solutions

Communication, coordination, compliance and culture solutions.

Enterprise Risk Management for Global Organizations

For global organizations, the management of risk is constantly evolving, and assessing risk cannot be compartmentalized to the standards and norms of the parent company’s country laws, regulations, operations, and litigious environment. JKJ’s assessment factors in many entities, countries, governing bodies, and exposures. We work with global organizations around the world on the avoidance, prevention, retention, and transfer of risk when they are managing risk in conjunction with their US domiciled entity.

JKJ’s model to service client locations across the country from a centralized location is an important factor of our international business model. We have the licensing required in all 50 states for admitted and non-admitted placements. Additionally, our team is able to be at client locations no matter where they are located. This model allows us the flexibility to service subsidiary locations anywhere in the country and focus on developing an expertise competency with a centrally located team. We travel frequently outside the US to meet with executive management teams, risk managers, or the owners of foreign parent companies of our clients. Our commitment to remaining independent and employee-owned, allows us to drive resources back to our client rather than outside stakeholders, making this model possible.

International Philosophy

We focus on four primary areas for our international clients and prospects: Communication, Culture, Coordination, and Compliance. Through our prior experiences in international transactions, we find significant opportunity to create value for parent and subsidiary companies. We begin with understanding the differences in culture and customs of transacting business in each country. Addressing these differences with an integrated solution can be cost effective and efficient for our clients.





Global Coverage Solutions

Coverages are not standard in the US, and especially not globally. We look to optimize coverage solutions for the betterment of the global organization. This can mean broadening the scope of coverage depending on the norms of specific countries, leveraging the size of the global group for premium costs considerations, or optimizing shared limit tiers with multinational organizations. Below are some coverages in considerations of global operations:

  • Property
  • General (Public) Liability
  • Difference in Conditions/Limits
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach Coverage
  • Crime including Social Engineering
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Mergers & Acquisition Coverages
  • Credit Insurance
  • Employee Benefits

International Partnerships

In our commitment to continuing to evolve and develop our international capabilities, we have dedicated an abundance of time and resources toward building relationships with our partners.

We strongly value the important relationships we have developed around the world, as many of those relationships are the foundation of what makes our international capabilities unique and practical.

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A boutique international broker network of independently owned brokerage firms around the world. Uniba requires a commitment from its members to have owner participation in network event and an appointed international desk management fluent in English. This is a good baseline for international communication, but most importantly we have personal relationships with most members in the network and are able to assure multinational organizations direct access to ownership and an expected quality of care.

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Although primarily a domestic network of independent brokers with the mission of supporting each other and strengthening brokers who are committed to remaining independently owned. Also, has several members outside the domestic US, which through active group and Board participation have further developed certain relationships, particularly in Lloyd’s of London.

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An exclusive network of independent brokers with proven capabilities in the technology, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences segments, has many international brokers and insurer/vendor partners outside the US. This provides JKJ unique access to resources, information, benchmarking, proprietary coverages, and access to markets other broker do not have in the US.

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Through JKJ’s frequent interaction with German-American companies across the country and personal relationships we have developed with service providers, government officials, and other associated German American affiliates, we also are an active national member of the German American Chamber of Commerce and current President of the local chapter in Philadelphia and board member of the GACC New York.

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Similarly, we have important and heavily valued relationships in the British American business community and actively participate in the local chapter. Effective this year we were also appointed to the board as we look to take on more of a leadership role in the community.

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Multiple members of our team have successfully been admitted to and completed the Lloyd’s Broker Academy (formerly Andrew Beazley Broker Academy at Lloyd’s). Not only does this program provide an in-depth dive into the capabilities of Lloyd’s in the London offices, but also provides the opportunity to develop unique relationships with Lloyd’s underwriters and brokers that are essential to finding unique global insurance solutions.

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