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Precision Autonomy has a co-broking agreement with JKJ to provide access to its online quote and bind system for commercial drone insurance. The platform is designed to provide quick and painless drone insurance solutions. Operators can organize a quote within minutes, and with their automated risk assessment & policy administration, get covered instantly, allowing operators to do what they do best — fly drones.

The drone insurance provided through this platform is a specialty product for operators and owners using drones for work or commercial purposes – allowing for multiple assets, covering flight and ground risks, War, TRIA and medical liability options. Additional program benefits are listed below.

Annual Coverage

Flight & Ground Risks

Backed by A+ Rated Security

War, TRIA and Medical Liability coverage options

Easy online application & changes

Fast claims service

Precision Autonomy Insurance Services LLC is not an insurance carrier. It currently works as an Agent of Old Republic Aerospace in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, NY, NC, OH, VA, WA. Check back as we expand into other USA States. All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions as contained in the relevant policy or contract.