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Insurance Solutions for the Sports Betting, Esports and Gaming Industry
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Johnson, Kendall & Johnson (JKJ) offers strategic risk management and customized insurance solutions for the complex business landscape of sports betting & esports.

We work with sports betting and gaming companies to evaluate and mitigate their risk profiles.  In the sports betting and gaming world, in many cases, insurance is dictated by a contract.  We help with negotiating the insurance requirements and risk transfer language of the contract to a level where all parties are comfortable, then place the insurance accordingly.  The common insurance challenges for organizations in the sports betting and gaming space are Cyber Liability and Technology Errors & Omissions – JKJ’s highly reputable Cyber practice has allowed us to solve insurance problems that other firms have not.  JKJ is highly invested and committed to the sports betting and gaming world and we are excited to see it evolve.

Esports is an exciting, high-growth industry focused on competitive, organized gaming at the professional level featuring teams, leagues and tournaments. The industry is relatively new and constantly evolving, making it difficult for businesses and competitive gamers themselves to fully understand all potential risks and carry sufficient protection. It can also be challenging for traditional coverage solutions to keep pace and adequately protect from new risks as they emerge.

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