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UNiBA Risk Solution Partners meeting in Athens, Greece

By October 24, 2013February 21st, 2020Archived Blogs, Personal Insurance

Three people from Johnson, Kendall & Johnson attended the Partners meeting in Athens last week. Myself, President of the Board of UNiBA, Ann Collins, JKJ’s International Desk Manager and Julie Bartl who is responsible for coordinating JKJ’s international employee benefits.

Who is UNiBA?

We are a leading global network of insurance brokers. We provide a worldwide business platform for quality focused, independent brokers with a strategic interest in international business. Our objective is to constantly expand the competitive advantage of our Partners. Our strong quality focus and long-term perspective make us different.

Our History

Over 25 years ago, in 1987, a small group of young brokers, concerned about their client’s foreign exposures, founded what was to become UNiBA Partners. Today we are a global platform which, through our Partners, assists clients in about 130 countries across the world. Despite our strong growth some things haven’t changed. UNiBA Partners continues to be managed by brokers for brokers. We haven’t forgotten our roots. Our Partners will tell you that quality, integrity and a true willingness to work together are fundamental to UNiBA Partners’ identity and culture. Our standards flow from this culture.

Why is this important?

Whenever I spend time with our partners I am always impressed how important it is to understand the different cultural perspectives from around the world. To continue to evolve with better knowledge of each others’ perspectives only enhances the potential for successfully providing excellent services to our international clients. Although, we call ourselves a network we truly invest the time, energy and finances to learn about each other as partners. This only comes about by shared experiences, time together and the development of friendships. I am always impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the people I meet through UNiBA. It truly is a special experience.

The discussions at this Partners meeting centered primarily on the partners themselves. Interviews with new partners from Singapore, Canada, Dubai, Columbia and London helped all of us understand their business objectives and who they are as people. Every partner had an opportunity to share with the group about what makes them special. Along the issues of governance and process that every organization must have there was discussion about various technical topics relating to risk. An especially compelling topic was about the Christchurch earthquakes in New Zealand and the impacts on that community from a social, human and economic cost. Imagine having a series of major earthquakes since 2010 with over 7,600 aftershocks. This is in an area that had not had any earthquake activity since records were kept and before 2010 was considered a low risk area.

JKJ has committed to providing the highest service to the international arena and we are proud to be part of the leadership of UNiBA Risk Partners since it gives us a truly global perspective. Visit UNiBA Risk Partners at to learn more about their capabilities.

Author: John Wright, President, CPCU, CIC, JKJ&H

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