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For years, teachers have been entrusted with shaping generation after generation. Regardless of educational institution, public, private or charter school, teachers are tasked with teaching important subjects like mathematics, literature, and science. Perhaps even more importantly, teachers instill fundamental values and show the next generation what it is to be a good human being. Despite the overwhelming reward of teaching, it is an extremely stressful and draining profession.  Burnout among the teaching industry is at an all-time high, 91% of teachers report job-related stress. When a pause button was put on the entire country, it failed to include teachers. Educators had to shift almost immediately to a remote learning environment and for many using technology that was unfamiliar to them and their students.  As a result, over half of the teacher population say they will end up leaving the profession before they had originally planned.

Charter schools are unique. They offer one-of-a-kind educational opportunities for students. With a focus on inclusion and customized educational plans, students are given an alternative option for an education that may be better suited to serve their specific needs.  However, educators in the Charter School space are not immune to challenges. With teacher burnout on the rise, the immense value of these institutions faces the risk of extinction. It is time to consider the needs of our educators and implement solutions. Without this, our common goal of offering the best possible education could disappear. The next generation, our future, would only suffer as a result. Teachers are feeling overworked, and underappreciated.

At JKJ, we have developed proprietary products to help teachers get back to what they love doing, teaching. Our products address the tremendous challenges teachers face and work to alleviate their stress. These products work in addition to the robust health benefit option that best serves your specific population. We have developed our full-service Edu-Wellness Plan which fosters a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. We also have our non-insured Edu-Benefits which provides all your teachers with countless free or reduced priced services from fertility support to mental health care to much more. Teachers’ needs vary, but JKJ has those needs covered.  We have invested in developing services and products that have high value, significant impact and are budget friendly.