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Your business is at risk of a cyber incident. It doesn’t matter if it is large or small; if it sells products or services; if it is based in the US or elsewhere. Every business can be the target of a cyberattack and you must prepare for it. To do so you must first assess your business’s risk profile, and then with that insight you should invest in the necessary talent, education, training and operational reviews to best manage your risk.

Co-authored by Johnson Kendall & Johnson’s Cyber Practice Leader, Alexandra Bretschneider and Ed Ventham of Paragon Brokers, this article provides the guidance you need to begin your assessment to prepare for a cybersecurity incident or data breach. Alexandra and Ed are well-versed in this space as they co-chair the Cyber Centre of Excellence committee, a subset of the UNiBA Partners network. UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions.

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