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Hustle culture has come to permeate many facets of the modern workforce, pushing some individuals to strive relentlessly to keep up with career demands, no matter the cost. As workplaces evolve and remote work becomes more widespread, it’s become increasingly difficult to draw a clear line between professional and personal life. The drive to tackle our endless to-do lists often comes at a cost, leading us to neglect the crucial habits that allow us to disconnect, rest, and recharge. This can create a cycle where we favor being productive above all else, which puts us at greater risk of exhaustion and burnout. When we get lost in this mindset, we have little time left to spend on the other meaningful parts of our lives, like discovering new interests, spending quality time with loved ones, and most importantly, offering care to ourselves.

The aim of self-care is to establish a lifestyle that feels more manageable and allows for joy and balance. Self-care is far from selfish, as it enables us to replenish our internal resources and in turn, enhances our energy and capacity to give to others. Here are some ways to routinely care for yourself:

  • Movement and exercise:
    • Physical activity stimulates the chemical release of endorphins which create the feeling of general well-being
    • Get outside! Studies have found that spending time in nature can help reduce cortisol levels while increasing our uptake of Vitamin D
    • Try a new activity you’ve been interested in
  • Food and nutrition:
    • Eating high quality foods rich in vitamins and minerals nourishes our brains while reducing oxidative stress, which contributes to depression and anxiety disorders
      • Try a new recipe/cook with family
    • Stay hydrated! Proper hydration helps keep our minds clear and body systems working optimally
  • Healthy Relationships:
    • Focus on friendships and relationships that bring you joy and increase your energy
    • Recognize when you need time to yourself to recharge
    • Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while and reconnect or catch up
    • Express your love for those around you!
  • Relax/Pamper
    • Book a spa day or create one in your own home
    • Set aside time to read a book or partake in a hobby you traditionally can’t/don’t make time for
    • Light your favorite candle or snuggle up with your favorite movie

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Whether it be methods of stress reduction, acts of self-love, or setting new goals, taking time to consistently care for yourself is a worthwhile investment. This is your sign to dedicate some time to yourself. Consider your unique needs and which practices feel most nurturing to you. Each person’s needs are different, which is part of what makes self-care so beautiful! What will you be adding to your self-care routine?