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Newtown, PA | May 16, 2022 – Advisen, a leading provider of data, technology, events, and media for insurance professionals, announced April 27th the shortlist of organizations nominated for the 2022 Cyber Risk Awards.

Johnson, Kendall & Johnson (JKJ), an independent, employee-owned insurance brokerage and risk management firm, was selected as a finalist in the category of Cyber Risk Retail Broker of the Year. This award “recognizes the efforts of a dedicated, innovative retail broking team that has worked tirelessly in the past year to expand understanding of cyber risk insurance in the wider marketplace”, per Advisen.

JKJ’s Cyber Practice Leader, Alexandra Bretschneider noted, “The Cyber Insurance market evolved drastically over the past 18 months, making it more important than ever for businesses to partner with a knowledgeable broker to navigate the complexities of coverage changes in an environment of severe price increases.” She went on to state, “We are extremely proud of this nomination, and remarkably honored to have won this award last year. This nomination recognizes our continued investment in providing valuable services to our clients in this dynamic and critical area of risk.”

Per Advisen, “These awards, chosen by popular vote, will go to thought leaders, decision makers, and risk professionals across the cyber insurance world.” JKJ’s accomplishment of winning this category in 2021 is directly attributed to the quantity of supportive votes from their reputable client base.

JKJ is extremely proud of this nomination and encourages the broader business community to cast a vote.

“JKJ is truly one of the strongest client advocates this space has for cybersecurity”, according to Ernie Koschineg, Esq, Privacy Attorney from Cipriani & Werner (also nominated for Advisen’s Cyber Law Firm of the Year).


JKJ has established itself as a premier retail brokerage and cyber thought leader. Through their dedication to knowledge and experience in cyber liability, JKJ educates its clients on the preventative risk management techniques – including incident response strategies – as well as the latest claim trends and frequent changes in insurance terms. JKJ had the foresight that Cyber would become one of the greatest risks facing businesses, naming a former IT consultant as Cyber Practice Leader in 2020 – Alexandra Bretschneider. Alexandra is achieved obtained the Cyber COPE Insurance Certification (CCIC) designation from Carnegie Mellon – Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.

JKJ’s Cyber Practice develops content and delivers presentations to leading industry associations, publishes white papers, conducts tabletop exercises, facilitates contract reviews, and develops a service model around education and deployment of cybersecurity best practices. JKJ continually educates its clients on the importance of cyber incident response, but also incident prevention strategies. JKJ prides itself in placing business with the most reputable cyber insurance carriers and developing strategic partnerships with top legal, forensic, and cybersecurity service providers. Their cyber practice is relied upon by other accounting, legal, and cybersecurity firms for their clients in the areas of cyber insurance expertise and coverage reviews.


Retail Broker of the Year – This award recognizes the efforts of a dedicated, innovative retail broking team that has worked tirelessly in the past year to expand understanding of cyber risk insurance in the wider marketplace. The winner will have expanded the cyber sector either by a new sales technique or initiative, investing in teams of experts, or by having the best take-up rate in the market.

Rules for Voting: 

  • No person may vote for his/her own company, employer, or a person who works in his/her company
  • Any person may vote by visiting this page and entering their valid corporate email address
  • Only one vote per person will be counted; multiple submissions by the same person will be overwritten
  • Filling out this form is the only way a vote will be counted – email submissions are not valid
  • All nominations, votes, and comments will remain confidential
  • Voting closes on May 27, 2022