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Intern Spotlight

By July 24, 2019December 23rd, 2019Company News

This summer, JKJ has welcomed five students as Interns in Employee Benefits and Commercial Lines Insurance. Their experience exposed them to the business of Commercial Insurance and Employee Benefits both in and out of the office. Now that their program is winding down, we asked them to give us feedback on how their summer with JKJ has been.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Benefits of JKJ and being able to sit in on both internal and external meetings. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive throughout my summer!

Arden HudsonBall State University

Although my internship was focused on the Benefits Department at JKJ, I felt like everyone, whether Benefits or Commercial was always ready to help me out if I needed it. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with JKJ!

Megan MannatoArcadia University

Arden and Megan worked closely with the Benefits team at JKJ, providing them with extensive opportunities to learn and observe all aspects of Employee Benefits. Not only did they assist the Benefits team within the walls of JKJ, but also had the opportunity to interact with external clients and personnel.

Johnson, Kendall & Johnson’s internship program has been a great introduction into the Commercial Insurance world by having the interns involved in projects, client meetings and insurance symposiums. The culture at JKJ creates an environment that welcomes questions and curiosity to further enhance insurance related skills.

Justin RasiulTemple University

So far, throughout my short time here at JKJ, I have learned so much about not only the company itself, but the Insurance Industry as a whole. I plan to continue to learn something new every day, in effort to expand my knowledge of the industry. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to intern here, at Johnson Kendall Johnson this summer.

John FlemingPennsylvania State University

Johnson, Kendall & Johnson has provided its interns with an unmatched opportunity to learn about all aspects of the insurance world. By having the interns involved in valuable projects and allowing them to shadow client meetings, they are being given a very well-rounded experience. And because of this, when their internship with JKJ comes to a close they will have a true understanding of what their future career would entail should they choose to continue on this track. In addition to the great learning opportunities that JKJ offers, with the culture at JKJ being as welcoming as it is, the interns, although not permanent employees, feel as though they are part of the company just like everyone else.

Emily GivertsTemple University

Justin, John and Emily worked on the Commercial Lines division of JKJ, exposing them to numerous external meetings within the realm of loss control and sales. They had the opportunity to participate in an intern exchange program with like companies such as Apogee, Selective and Chubb. This program allowed them each a day to observe and explore the other sides of the business. Likewise, JKJ welcomed interns from these three companies to learn about a day in the life of an insurance brokerage firm.