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JKJ kick-started breast cancer awareness month by having a pumpkin painting party where team members joined in at lunch and did their part in spreading awareness.

More likely than not, breast cancer has had an effect on everyone of us in some shape or form. Whether a loved one, a coworker or you personally have been through the disease, it is our job to stand together to do what we can to help raise awareness.

Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in women and while there is no sure way to prevent the disease, there are steps we can all take to mitigate the risk. Staying active and keeping a healthy weight, minimizing alcohol consumption and regularly screening for indications of the disease are all ways to help mitigate the chances of breast cancer.

Special thanks to Hannah Zach, Megan Mannato, Bethany Bullard and Haley Keenan for making this happen!