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Auto & Consumer Product Recalls from Selective Insurance

By January 12, 2018April 10th, 2018Personal Insurance


Protect your business and your family by staying current on recent product recalls and defects.

Use the valuable links in the tool box to the right, or scroll through the Consumer Product Safety Commission live feed to stay informed on recalls that may impact you.

If you are an agent and want to feature the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recent Recalls tool on your site, click here for information. 

Check Your Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN)

More than 47 million vehicles in the United States are under safety recalls that have yet to be fixed, according to a survey conducted by automobile history report firm Carfax. While some states have more than others, every state has a minimum of 100,000 recalls that haven’t been addressed due to motorists’ inaction.

And just about all of them have to do with safety hazards that threaten drivers’ well-being if they’re in an accident.

“Many people still are unnecessarily risking their lives by not staying informed or taking action when their vehicle is under a recall,” said Larry Gamache, Carfax communications director. “It’s one of the many reasons family-oriented vehicles, including one in four minivans, are the most-highly impacted.”

Automakers are required by law to inform vehicle owners if their cars are being recalled, but many owners miss or ignore the notice.

“Recalls are a serious safety issue that should be promptly addressed,” said Anthony Foxx, DOT secretary. “An informed consumer is one of our strongest allies in ensuring recalled vehicles are repaired. Do not wait to act if your car is under recall and the parts are available.”

NHTSA estimates that 25% of recalled vehicles are never repaired.

Make sure your vehicle isn’t one of them. Click here to look up your VIN.

Protect Your Business

Product recalls. Commonly in the news, they affect enterprises far beyond headline-making auto manufacturers, poultry farmers and meat packers. Agricultural businesses, consumer goods manufacturers, chemical suppliers and others are all at risk.

Whether due to complex and diverse supply chains, tougher regulation, increased enforcement or simply a need for increased awareness, product recall expenses are a growing risk to businesses’ financial results. Add in the negative impact on businesses’ reputations and future prospects, and the need for an insurance safety net becomes crucial.

Enter product recall expense coverage. Tailored to the needs of your type of business, Selective’s product recall insurance program offers broad coverage, numerous options and limits applicable to the multitude of different types of expenses triggered by a recall, as well as an analysis of your current or developing contingency plan.

For complete details, talk with your independent insurance agent today or click here to find an agent.

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